Walking Artists Network


The Walking Artists Network seeks to connect those who define themselves as walking artists – or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice – through a series of meetings and an online interface. It doesn’t quite exist yet, but we’re working on it and would like to invite you to take part in its development.

At the moment we think WAN might help us:

*  share examples of our walking practices, and the practices that inspire.

*  ask how we might define walking art as a medium, and whether attempting a definition is a fruitful  method for generating discussion and debate

*  explore the multi-disciplinary routes to walking as an art practice.


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Thankyou for endeavouring to give form to something as an artist, creative person I have considered as part of my self expression.Walking connects me to the meditative spiritual state in which I connect to my creativity.Walking is part of an over all art process, as it is multi sensory and physical it encompasses me entirely.it is breathing , seeing, feeling, smelling, connecting, living as a process.Walking engages all my senses in a creative dance, sometimes leading to other forms of expression , but always part of a whole.

Comment by Tracy Novello

Beautifully put, Tracy! You’ve succinctly expressed what I instinctively have felt about walking, and how it really is part of artistic practice… I’ll know where to point if anyone ever tries to scoff! Thank you.

Well being to you,
a Syd.

Comment by Syd Foster

I am interested in this idea as an artist but I would like to extend the notion to not just walking, but movement under human power through the landscape. I find the movement via bicycle another valid category. This could also open things up to other wheeled folks as well.

Comment by Don Pollack

Great idea, just finished a project about the subjective experience of walking in the natural landscape for my Fine Art Degree, and am compelled to do more, found such an abundance of stimulation, thinking of exploring the city landscape and making some connections between the two. Thanks

Comment by Roo Carter

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